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Sooo a lot has changed since my last post.

I'm not in my Junior year at college, now as a student in Graphic Design.
I went through therapy for what happened to me last year, and my outlook on life is different and I feel better.
I'm also dating a wonderfully sweet boy named Joe, who is the most amazing person.

I may write entries again frequently, but I mostly write to my tumblr.
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Received this in an e-mail from my Composition II teacher concerning to topic of my 10 page final paper...

"Dear Brilliant Cara,"

Hmm. Me? Brilliant? I'm gotten crazy, loud, weird, tired, artsy, exhausting, and many other words to describe me... and now I have brilliant to add to the collection.

Made my day a little more interesting. And brilliant!

Anywhoo, 4 weeks left of college and much to do. Hopefully have my schedule together for next year, if all goes well, I'll only have ONE class on Friday and will be switching over to mostly art related classes.
Trying to get more sleep, eat better, and exercise. Sleep is the big problem.

Me and Ian = getting along a lot better. <3 Making me feel a lot better, more secure. He bought me a HUGE stuffed Bolt (from the movie!) the other day, he's my new cuddle buddy. Well, along with Buddy, the bear of my childhood.

I also realized that if things had been different, I may have ended up a furry. No joke, I almost went down that path, but anime and manga distracted me long enough I guess. Haha.

Ok, gotta focus on class. And studying for a quiz next period I know NOTHING about. Oops?
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...and now i'm not home hahahahaha. :B i'm back in Salem as of last night, but strangely enough, i feel happy.
i think it's because i'm in the final stretch. i also dropped my organic chemistry class, it was too much to shove into my brain. and i also considered changing my major, and as of right now, it's looking like i will be switching to...

drum roll please...

art major with a concentration in graphic design!
yeah i know, a big leap.
but kevin looked at what i brought from home for my portfolio and was seriously impressed. and not because he's my best friend, he's tough on art. he'll tell someone if they suck, he doesn't tolerate bad art. he said it's better than a lot of the portfolios he's seen.
now, he's going to help me finish building it up, which means observational drawings and a couple other projects. and i'm a LOT happier.


high school MURDERED my feel for art. kind of. i had an art class with mrs. baker, who is in my mind the BEST art teacher i have ever had. she pushed me to be the best i could, while giving my constructive criticism and making me feel good about my work.
photography teacher? ...not so much. the criticism was just criticism, and harsh at that. never was it constructive, and generally, i never felt good in that class. i felt like the stray dog that got kicked around to try and be the purebred that i wasn't going to be. she made me feel like i would never make it in art.
kevin thinks she's a crazy loon now. i told her the stuff she told me, and he thought it was BS.
and now, i want to prove her wrong. i want her to eat her words and show her that i can, and WILL, succeed at art, no matter what.

it's a great feeling.

now then, i have to go back to class. i've been droning on and not listening. oops.

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Writer's Block: Daily Grind

Describe your morning routine.

this looked like fun, soo...
btw, i'm a college student.

7:00 am - Alarm goes off, I try to get up.
7:00-7:15 am - Lay in bed for a bit, then put on clothes I set out the night before.
7:15-7:30 am - Makeup, brush my teeth, bathroom, then grab my bag that I set out the night before (all packed) and head out to the cafeteria.
7:35-7:50 am - Breakfast with some friends or by myself.
8:00 am - First class!

Then my schedule changes for the rest of the morning depending on what day it is because my classes change. :3

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it's World Civilizations II first, the Public Speaking, then Introduction to Cells from 8am to 10:50am.

Tuesdays and Thursdays it's Organic Chemistry I from 8:00am to 9:15am, then back to my dorm to try and nap if my room mate doesn't feel like slamming drawers or anything.

Ok, now I should probably work on my Lab assignment. Got my creative juices flowing at least! <3

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i think i'm getting more of an idea of what i want to do with my life and my degree.
and as weird as this sounds, seeing what ian's brother alex does kind of helped me.
i mean, he worked at a doggy day care, which is awesome, but not really for me.
i realized that i want to work with other animals, like wild animals, and work towards the conservation of endangered species.

basically, i want to work in animal care at a zoo.

i really don't care if it doesn't pay a lot, i'll find a way to make it. i want to enjoy what i do. i still need to figure out what i should exactly be studying, so i may try to contact the zoo new england organization and see what they say about what i should do.

this actually makes me excited, since hey, i'll be working with animals AND people!

other than this, college is going rather well.
i'm taking 6 classes and 2 labs, which is very stressful, but if i stay caught up with my work, i should be okay. i hope.
trying to fit in time with my friends is tough, but i do it, because without them, life would suck.
me and ian are doing better now. went through a rough patch, mostly me being an ass and finding everything wrong.
which reminds me, i may be a lot more messed up than i thought, hahaha! i have to talk to my doctor about my heartburn, and possibly having exercise-induced asthma and seasonal depression.

working out now too. trying to get into shape.

anyways, i need to get lunch and probably get more work done so that my night it wonderful.
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sorry i haven't updated in a while, but i have a question i REALLY need an answer to...

i have a hollister coat with a faux fur hood trim on it. i love it to death, but its starting to clump and knot, and i need to know how to make it look nice.


and much fun was had a couple nights ago when my friend made a man out of mini weenies and roasted him over a fire, then ate him. his name was richard. ahh, good times.
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